The Memorials of Washington, D.C.

“Thomas Jefferson Memorial,” National Park Service photo, at

The United States Congress (and with it, the Library of Congress) is located on one end of the National Mall, and many memorials to United States presidents, people who have changed the course of American history, and wars and veterans line the two-mile stretch of the Mall that leads from the U.S. Capitol down to the Potomac River. A map of the Mall and the placement of the memorials can be found on the website of the National Park Service Page here .

“Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial,” National Park Service photo by Nathan King, at

All memorials are free of charge to visit, and many offer tours at certain times. Check the National Mall website of the National Park Service for the specific monument you want to visit for more information. During the month of August, one of the best times to visit the Mall can be at night, when it’s a little cooler, the crowds have left, and the monuments are lit up. The bright white memorials at night can make for great photographs; check out this for more Washington, D.C. photography tips.

This blog post was written with the help of intern Melina Hernandez — thanks, Melina!

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