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Welcome to the #IFLAPREatLOC blog! The United States Library of Congress is hosting three IFLA pre-conferences this August: IFLA PARL (the pre-conference for the Library and Research Services for Parliaments Committee), IFLA P&C (the pre-conference for the Preservation & Conservation Committee), and IFLA DOCDEL (the pre-conference for the Document Delivery & Resource Sharing Committee). We are thrilled to welcome so many international delegates to the Library of Congress – the nation’s first established cultural institution and the largest library in the world.

We hope to start introducing you to Washington, D.C. – and even to each other – long before your pre-conference starts. We will start writing frequently updated blog posts here, and during the pre-conferences, we hope to feature twice-a-day updates, summing up the events of the day and taking a look at what is planned for the next day.

We also want to involve you, the attendees! We will be sending out emails asking a few questions about what you hope to get from your conference, as well as asking you to tell us a little bit about your library or research service. You can also post information on these topics in the comments below.

Here is an introduction to the regular members of our blogging team (we also hope to feature guest bloggers throughout the summer).

Hannah Fischer

I am a Senior Research Librarian at the Congressional Research Service, and this will be my fifth IFLA PARL conference. I chair the IFLAPRE website and communications committee, so let me know if you have any questions about the website or technology in particular.

Claudia Guidi

As a User Support Specialist at the Congressional Research Service I feel humbled by the opportunity to help the IFLA pre-conference this year. This will be my first IFLA pre-conference.

Michele Malloy

Michele is a Research Librarian at the Congressional Research Service, with a specialty in health policy. This will be her first IFLA pre-conference.

Andrew Weber

Andrew Weber is a Legislative Information Systems Manager at the Law Library of Congress. This will be his first IFLA pre-conference.

We hope you will participate with us as we explore everything Washington D.C., from the history to the food to the public transportation . Feel free to send us suggestions, ideas, and comments on the blog itself, or use our twitter hashtag, #IFLAPREatLOC . If you have specific questions about the blog, please feel free to write us at [email protected] . Thanks, and we look forward to sharing this blog with you throughout this summer and seeing you in August.