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This guest post was contributed by Jared Nagel, a Senior Research Librarian in the Congressional Research Service and our resident music guru. Thanks for all your insights, Jared!

Black Milk and Nat Turner, photo by Jared Nagel.

The District and surrounding area hosts a pretty good group of live music venues covering just about every genre of music. Luckily there are a few resources to help keep you up to date on who is in town and where they are playing. Below are some quick picks that should get you to a good show before or after the conferences start, or on a free night during your conference.

The Washington Post’s “Going Out Guide”

The Washington Post hosts a guide for area restaurants, events, and music. The music section includes highlights for area concerts.

The Washington City Paper’s “Do This”
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, photo by Jared Nagel.

The Washington City Paper has their own webpage with information on upcoming concerts and events. They list events by date and provide some pretty good options to keep you busy every night of the week. You can also filter events based on the genre of music you are interested in. The music portion of “Do This” is available here .


Songkick is a website and app for your phone that allows you to track concerts. You can search by location or follow your favorite bands to see when the next time they are going to be in town.  Here is a link to upcoming events in the DC area.

Show List DC

Want a simple listing of shows by date? Look no further than Show List DC .

Do you have a favorite music venue or area concert guide? Feel free to share it in the comments.