Where to Eat within Three Blocks of the Library

2nd Street, SE
Le Bon Café
Pete's Diner and Carry Out
Pennsylvania Ave. SE
Burrito Brothers
Café Recess
Capitol Hill Spirits and Delicatessen
Capitol Lounge
Gandel's Liquors
Firehook Bakery
Good Stuff Eatery
Hawk 'n' Dove
Hunan Dynasty
La Lomita Dos
Prêt A Manger
Roland’s of Capitol Hill Grocery
Stanton & Greene
Sushi Capitol
Tune Inn
We, the Pizza
Young Chow
First Street, SE
Congressional Wine and Delicatessen
Talay Thai
Tortilla Coast
Office Buildings
Adams Cafeteria
Cannon Twelve
Capitol Market
Longworth Cafe *
Madison Cafeteria *
Ford Café
Ford Twelve
Madison Dunkin' Donuts and Subway *
Rayburn Café
Supreme Court Cafeteria & Coffee Shop
Visitor's Center Cafeteria

*Madison and Longworth cafeterias are best spots for a varied meal within the Capitol complex.